Series I never finished (but should)

Thinking about what I’m going to read this summer, and thinking about series’ endings (which I will talk more about next post!), got me thinking about series that I wished I had finished. For whatever reason, I never finished these series, not because I didn’t enjoy them, but simply because of distractions and, well, life. My goal this summer is to finish these series, and to reflect on their endings to see if they alter my view of the stories.


DMZ11Brian Wood’s reflection on government infringement of people’s rights, alternatively through poverty and violence, is beautiful in the characters’ resilience in the face of collective attempted shaming. This series ended back in 2012, and you can read a great piece on the series over on popmatters.


Fables (1)I feel like Bill Willingham’s Fables series both gets accused of being a knockoff of The Sandman and gets forgotten in the midst of the truly subpar Once Upon a Time. I loved Fables, but when the plot changed course around the time of The Great Fables Crossover, I “took a break.” Which I guess means, put the series down for years until I realized what I’d done.

Vampire Knight

vampire knightWhen Twilight  was popular, I described Vampire Knight as being the “Twilight willing to go there.” By “there” I suppose I meant actual violence, actual drinking of blood, actual sexual deviance. Eventually, though, this series started slowing down, and I had caught up to its current American release, and I just stopped following it. Now, however, I’ve read a bit of its conclusion, and it seems there is enough true evolution of character that it’s time for me to revisit this series.

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