I haven’t written in a while. Why?

After a rather lengthy hiatus, I am back! What have I been doing?

I have a new job!

After some time as a Reference Librarian at the Art Institute of Fort Worth, and as the Public Services and Technology Trends Specialist at Amigos Library Services, my family made the decision to move back to Austin, TX. As such, I am back at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, this time as the Library Management Consultant. That means I get to manage the Small Library Management Training Program, and in general have the pleasure of helping to make a difference in the working lives of librarians throughout the state.

I wrote a book!

Last year I spent a good deal of my time writing a book! It will be published in October 2017 through Libraries Unlimited (ABC-CLIO), and is titled Library Programs and Services for New Adults. This evolved out of my time at the Art Institute of Fort Worth working with new and emerging adults (think patrons in their 20s) and from online training I did at Amigos Library Services on this topic.

What’s next?

I hope to get us back to our regularly scheduled programming of thought pieces on graphic novels, comics and manga in the library. I’m also going to try and review both books that I read as well as comics that my 4 year old daughter reads (yes, she already loves comics!).

And of course, I’ve been drinking coffee.


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