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The limited space of short story manga

I’m currently reading Mitsukazu Mihara‘s 2001 short story manga Beautiful People, and it got me thinking again how concise comic and manga creators must be, with their language as well as with their images. Every manga works with a limited amount … Continue reading

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Are omnibus reissues a problem for manga?

Last week, I came across an article from 2014 in School Library Journal titled “Manga Makes a Comeback.” The article describes the downturn of the North American manga industry that started in 2007 (ironically around the time that I started reading manga in … Continue reading

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Off*Beat: An Unfinished Series, Finished

Since I’ve been talking so much about series endings recently, I started thinking about Jen Lee Quick’s Off*Beat, becoming nostalgic for the days when I thought I would never see the three-volume series end. First published by Tokyopop back in 2005 … Continue reading

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Endings I love, and one I wish had been

As you may have surmised, I’ve been thinking a lot about endings – particularly, the endings of serialized stories. Here’s a list of a few endings I loved and will defend to the end, and one that wasn’t the true … Continue reading

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Series I never finished (but should)

Thinking about what I’m going to read this summer, and thinking about series’ endings (which I will talk more about next post!), got me thinking about series that I wished I had finished. For whatever reason, I never finished these series, … Continue reading

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Dengeki Daisy: The (very uneven) end

I don’t write many straight-up reviews on this site, but I feel the need to say at least a little something about the final volume of the shojo manga Dengeki Daisy. First off, let me say that, however I feel about … Continue reading

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