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I’m married to Ron Weasley!

The Harry Potter Myers-Briggs character chart from Geekologie has been making the rounds again. I am a self-admitted Myers-Briggs geek, and though it’s probably not entirely accurate to group people into sixteen convenient personality types, I love it. It’s like … Continue reading

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Updated: Recommended Young Adult Titles

I truly want this site to be a place where I can explore my love of Young Adult books alongside my love of manga and comics. And so, as a companion to my Recommended Manga & Comics page, I have now updated my … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to Sarah Dessen

You YA readers out there know that Sarah Dessen recently came out with a long-awaited new book, Saint Anything. I was privileged enough to beat the library crowd and check it out before anyone else, and I was so happy to see … Continue reading

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Endings I love, and one I wish had been

As you may have surmised, I’ve been thinking a lot about endings – particularly, the endings of serialized stories. Here’s a list of a few endings I loved and will defend to the end, and one that wasn’t the true … Continue reading

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