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Off*Beat: An Unfinished Series, Finished

Since I’ve been talking so much about series endings recently, I started thinking about┬áJen Lee Quick’s Off*Beat, becoming nostalgic for the days when I thought I would never see the three-volume series end. First published by Tokyopop back in 2005 … Continue reading

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Endings I love, and one I wish had been

As you may have surmised, I’ve been thinking a lot about endings – particularly, the endings of serialized stories. Here’s a list of a few endings I loved and will defend to the end, and one that wasn’t the true … Continue reading

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Series I never finished (but should)

Thinking about what I’m going to read this summer, and thinking about series’ endings (which I will talk more about next post!), got me thinking about┬áseries that I wished I had finished. For whatever reason, I never finished these series, … Continue reading

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What is a bad ending?

I’ve been thinking a lot about endings, specifically the endings of stories that are told in any serialized form. Stories end all the time, of course, but I’ve had several stories that I love end (and one that will end … Continue reading

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