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Superman the Dictator

In a former life, I minored in Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies. So, I arrived at Superman: Red Son from a place of somewhat biased interest. Soviet Union iconography is extremely interesting to me, and that’s what I wanted … Continue reading

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Why don’t I like superheroes?

Here’s my confession: superheroes are just not my thing. I don’t think so, anyway. The fact of the matter is, however many graphic novels I’ve read, and however many shojo (and yaoi) manga I’ve devoured, traditional comics have never held my … Continue reading

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Psychology Today now has a comic strip!

Working in an art school library, the calmest part of my day comes in processing the new periodicals. Looking through the April 2015 issue of Psychology Today, I was extremely excited to see that they have unveiled a new comic strip, … Continue reading

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